Landing a Casting Call

Auditioning for a role is both exciting and stomach-queasy at the same time. It’s not easy entering a room with a set of casting directors, producers, and directors all ready to assess your talent, and whether you have any or not.

Here are three important tips to help you survive that casting call and hopefully win a call-back.

1. Never let ’em see you sweat. Walk in with confidence. That general bit of advice sounds simple and corny, but people judge others in a matter of moments. If you have chewing gum, remove it before you enter the audition. Directors despise chewing gum, as it can muffle the pronunciation of words, and even the sound of your voice. Stride in with high self-esteem, and beam with excitement, be positive, and above all- smile! Show them you were born for the role.

2. Be prepared for the role you came to audition for. Have your headshots and resume ready. Most importantly, have knowledge about the part you will present to the directors. Know the script. Be able to interpret the role. Stay in character during your casting call, even if you nervously stumble. Familiarize yourself with the play and its meaning, and the other characters within the script. Feel what you are portraying to the table of directors.

3. Be flexible and relaxed. Breathe. Try to go with the flow. You could be asked to do a cold reading. That means getting handed a script, and acting the role with little or no preparation. Maybe the casting director could ask you to try a dialect. Just go for it. He or she is looking for versatility. You might even be asked to read for a different role, one you don’t care for, but be open and professional. Remember to be accommodating.

The more casting calls you go on, the better you will become. Memorizing lines will get easier. Showing a wide range of emotions will become more comfortable. Preparation beforehand will become like second nature. You might not score a call-back on this casting call or that one, but in time, you will definitely succeed. Even famous celebrities have been rejected during a casting call, but the best advice is to ‘Keep your chin up. Don’t take it personally, and forget ahead!’

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